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Welcome to the 6th International Conference on Cognitive Hearing Science for Communication, June 12th - 15th 2022.

We take the theme “Hearing loss, cognition, aging and dementia” from the last conference with us into 2022 and add ”Communicative interaction and effort”, ”Neural coding of auditory signals” and ”Towards cognitive technologies for hearing enhancement” to further develop the field of Cognitive Hearing Science.

We look forward to meeting you and to explore these new themes. The conference includes invited speakers, open poster sessions and social events. 
Digital participation will be offered, so that as many of you as possible can take part of the world leading research.

We proudly present our collaborators: William Demant Foundation and The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Linköping University.

Keep updated by following us on social media and please let your colleagues and research collaborators around the world know about the conference. Thank you!

On behalf of the Scientific Committee
Professor Anders Fridberger
Linnaeus Centre HEAD, 
Linköping University,